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Business Grad Reflects On Why he is Grateful Amid a Pandemic

a man smiling wearing a grad cap
Posted on: May 30, 2020 in Student Stories by Marcus Palumbo

This week was what would have been the final chapter of my undergrad. Although I finished school in December, I was planning on walking during the commencement ceremony this past week. ⁣

For obvious reasons, our in-person celebration was postponed. While this is not ideal by any stretch, I am glad that this incident took place now as opposed to years ago. ⁣

Since finishing school, I have spent most of this quarantine learning new soft and hard skills to become a better and more educated friend, partner, son, and citizen. I have dedicated myself to finding routines and adopting mindsets, principles, and values that I can proudly live by. ⁣

Had I graduated a year ago or earlier, and this pandemic ruined what was rightfully MY day to celebrate, I would have been crushed. I would have isolated myself and suppressed my obvious displeasure with the inevitable circumstances that plagued the entire world. This usually would trickle down into more serious issues that lasted weeks. ⁣

However, as this happened presently, I found myself adopting an entirely different attitude. As @charitycorinn was taking pictures of me, I found myself looking around. The tension between the social distancing practices and wanting to celebrate with my fellow graduates was evident, but it was not destructive of my mood. ⁣

Instead of sulking and drowning in a somber state of self-pity, I found myself grateful. Grateful that @csuf still allowed us to take pictures on campus. Grateful that I had someone to take photos of me at short notice, grateful that I was able to look presentable.

Grateful that I was able to finish school despite the many times I thought I couldn’t make it. Grateful to sail beyond the sea of self-doubt and graduate into the sea of endless opportunities before me as I enter this next chapter of my life. ⁣

I’m hoping that those that feel disappointment and anger can resonate with this message and shift their focus to being grateful instead of sadness. ⁣

While the book hasn’t officially closed yet, I am a thankful, proud, and inspired Titan forever. The class of 2020 will always be remembered. And I’m glad I can be apart of it. 🎓 @ the College of Business and Economics, Cal State Fullerton

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a man smiling wearing a grad cap

Marcus Palumbo graduated from Cal State Fullerton in December and had hoped to walk in May. This blog was originally posted on his Facebook page (@marcuspalumbo53) and shared by CSUF College of Business and Economics on their social platforms. You can also follow Marcus on Instagram at @marcuspalumbo_.


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  1. Josie Ramirez says:

    Now that’s a growth mindset. Enjoy the journey!

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